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 National Frameworks and Guidelines

  National Frameworks

  1. The Integrated Framework of Basic Social Protection Programmes (IFBSPP) proposes a roadmap for more coherent and integrated programming of non-contributory social protection interventions in Zambia. The framework also proposes to focus the efforts on fewer, better funded and nationally scaled-up programmes. Furthermore, the framework defines synergies and linkages amongst interventions, emphasizing the complementarity between protecting income security (“the protection floor”), and promoting sustainable transformation of livelihoods (“the graduation ladder”). To read more, click the link to download the Integrated Framework of Basic Social Protection Programmes 
  2. The Ministry of Community Development and Social Services with support UNICEF launched the National Framework on Diversion on 11th December, 2018. The Framework sets out the scope, criteria, process and options for the use of diversion in Zambia. It aims to assist all stakeholders, including the Police, Social Welfare, Public Prosecutors, Magistrates and NGO service providers to respond to child offending by way of diversion out of the formal criminal justice system, in accordance with the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC). To read more, click the link to download the National Diversion Framework Zambia Dec 18


  1. In order to ensure that the rights of children are protected, the Minimum Standards of Care for Child Care Facilities were developed in compliance with the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, Article 3 (3) which states that: “set standards of care for children should exist”. In addition, the Juveniles Act Chapter 53 of the Laws of Zambia states that “Juveniles’ inspectors must ensure that standards of care in children’s voluntary homes are observed.” Click link to download the Minimum Standard of Care for Child Care Facilities Zambia